Veet Sensitive Formula

Veet Sensitive Formula3I want to talk about and also show you how to use Veet Hair Removal Gel Cream, this is the Best hair removal cream for sensitive skin, big bottle, and it comes with a little spatula and I’m not quite sure how much the price was, but it’s definitely under $40.

So what Veet does is it removes your hair, and it removes it just like shaving.
It does not remove it by the root….aah… your hair will grow back in what? Two days or however long it takes your hair to grow back. And unlike shaving, it doesn’t have a razor, and the spatula is actually not even sharp. It’s just good, so you’re not gonna have any cuts whatsoever.
Right let’s get started. remember to visit us for more info here at

ok so let’s get started!!!
Put some Veet on to your spatula, and I already got some on, but…that much. You can always do this with hand, but..just…I use the spatula.
Apply it on your body part, whatever body part you want your hair removed from.

Veet Sensitive Formula2

I’m not gonna do my whole arm, I’m just gonna tell you and then do this later.
I like to swipe it down, whatever you wanna call it, in the direction of the hair growth so my hair grown from here down that way…and put it on like that. And you don’t want to rub it in.
I just spread it out evenly kinda…kind of junky. And then just leave it on five to ten minutes and …yea!
As a quick reminder if you do decide to put Veet on your spatula instead of in your hand and then putting it on, put it right on top of here so you’ll have this in spatula so I think…put it right there so when you apply it on your skin. All you gotta do is flip it over and apply it, and when you remove your hair you pretty much leave it like that. It’s great.
It’s been about five minutes and you can go ahead and test just a small area to see if your hair does come off.
So…..and mine is not coming off, so I’m gonna leave it on for another five minutes, and by the way, I like to …remove the hair in the opposite direction of the hair growth. So we spread it down in the direction of the hair growth, now you wanna pull down in the opposite. So it is like shaving, just pull it up!

Veet Sensitive Formula

Think it’s been about almost five minutes. So what you wanna do now, test a little area again, and mine is coming off, so just start scraping it down like so. And if you do get too much of this cream- I always just get it under some water and rinse it off. And I just dropped some on the floor. I should probably rinse this off….think I’ll rinse it.
So if you have a couple hairs left, just keep on scraping over it, obviously not hard.
But there’s some small areas that mine still has some hairs left. And now you’re gonna be left with all this white cream. So either go rinse it, hop in the shower, and if you absolutely have no time to get in the shower get a really, really wet wash cloth and wash all this off because you definitely don’t want this to stay on your skin.
I still have the stuff on, but my skin is really, really smooth and hair free, maybe you can see it. I just really like it.
So let me know how Veet works for you guys. Just leave some comments down below!

Upper Lip Facial Hair Removal – PART 2

As I mentioned, I’m very sensitive with pain and this pain doesn’t bother me at all.  This will even remove the teeny tiniest hair you can possibly see and you don’t have to bother about cutting your skin as with threading.

You can also use this to remove facial hair as well.  As I said, just pull to your hair from the root so the hair doesn’t grow back quickly.

So that’s how you use this product and you will know when to throw away this product.  This metal thingy will just get a little darker and also you can literally smell this, when you put it here , you can literally smell this part because your hair is actually going into the spring.

Upper Lip Facial Hair Removal

So it’s not really sanitary to use this product over and over again, especially when I think you have those signs, I think it’ better you throw this away.

And I usually throw this away in maybe four or five uses so I just throw this away every month or month and a half.  And you can literally…. you can literally see the signs when to throw this away.

Upper Lip Facial Hair Removal2

So, yes, that finishes my review.

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding this.  I put couple of sellers in the description box below so you can direct click and go there.  But you can definitely find sellers who sell this for just $1.  I think $1 is the best price, or maybe dollar and a half, nothing more than that.

Yea, that’s pretty much it.  Let me know if you have any questions or…you’re always welcome to me or you can message me on my Facebook as well.

Upper Lip Facial Hair Removal 3

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Upper Lip Facial Hair Removal – PART 1

Hello everyone, welcome Hope you’re already to  super duper fantastic.  This post is gonna be on a topic that I’ve never discussed on this channel, and that’s hair removal.  And I showed one of this thingies in my…in this video and  I got a lot of messages from you girls asking me to talk about this stuff, so I  thought it would be something proactive for you girls.

Upper Lip Facial Hair Removal 1  Honestly girls, I don’t know what this actually called, but I searched for spring hair removal system on eBay and I end up with a lot of sellers… who sell these things for just $1.

So, yes, that’s how it looks like, and if you want I can list couple of sellers in the description box below so you can, you know, like go and check them out and… get them for yourself.

So girls when it comes to hair removal, I cannot let anybody pull my hair when I’m in pain.  I went for my hair removal for my legs for the first time and I was literally crying and that lady was, I don’t know, she was so mercilessly applying the wax and you know she’s just pulling my hair sha….and ah, it’s so painful and aahm… That’s when I decided that I will never go out to another lady to do this thing.  And  that’s when I decided that I have to do this thing all of myself because it’s so important, and it’s so painful.  So  I looked for a lot of things. I’m still searching for ‘the’ best painless way to remove hair.

So in that search itself I found this product and I think this is the product for upper lip hair removal.  It’s very painless and it’s very effective.  It’s just like tweezing so you don’t get your hair back very quickly, so that’s the reason I love this product.

And, initially, I think you will have pain.  I don’t say it’s, you know, very painful as in threading, but you will have a little bit of pain, but I think you will get over it after first time.

Upper Lip Facial Hair Removal 3

 I did threading….I think I did threading a couple of times with a salon.  And  it took very long time for her to pull all the hair, and that good thing is it gets very difficult to  remove hair which is right on your lip line.  So that’s very very painful, and that gets very painful when you’re snatching it with a thread.

So I think this doesn’t do that.  It’s very quick, I mean just put it this way and pull it up and you’re done.  That entire patch of hair will just come right off.  So it’s very, very, very quick.  Very  easy.  And I must say less painful.  I don’t say it’s not painful at all, but it’s comparatively very less painful and it’s very effective.

I’ll show you a little demo on how to use this product and how effective this is so you can see this thingy in action.

Upper Lip Facial Hair Removal 4

So before we start with a demo, I just want to ask you to excuse my skin in that demo because I trying out another foundation and it just broke me out crazily.  My skin was just so terrible in that, but I had to film that demo because if I don’t film it then I have to wait for another 15 or 20 days for my hair to grow back and you know, film it again.  So that’s the reason I had to film that day.   And aah so…yea…excuse me for that and let’s get you with the demo!

Upper Lip Facial Hair Removal 2

Girls! Not even funny.  I had  to grow all this mustache just for this video.

It’s very simple to use this tool.  All you gotta do is just place the spring very close to your skin and move the spring up against the direction of hair growth while twisting the spring outwards.  Remember, you have to twist the spring outwards while moving the spring up against the direction of hair.  You will get a hold of this rhythm once you start using it.  The spring will grab the hair and pulls it out from the roots.  It looks painful, but it’s actually not.  You will get used to that pain very quickly in just one use.